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Thank you for supporting Red Health. In order to optimize the old Member Bonus Points Reward Program, make the points information more electronic, and allows customers to inquire about point rewards and member discounts more conveniently, a new Member Bonus Points Reward Program and gift redemption are now launched. Details are as follows:

Bonus Points Reward Program:
– Any purchase of Red Health products at Watsons over $100 = Earn 1 point.
– Redeem a box of Red Health products for free if you accumulate 50 points during a limited period.
– Points are limited to 1 year only.

Points Accumulation:
– After purchase, please send the Watsons receipt indicating the “”Member’s Number”” via WhatsApp: 9886 8403 to Red Health Prestige Club. After the information has been verified, points will be recorded in the member’s account.

Gift Redemption:
– Members will receive a WhatsApp or phone notification from Red Health Prestige Club. Members can redeem the gift at Red Health consultant store within 1 month of their membership card notification period.

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