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Everyone has experienced join pains, which might proceed to affect more than one area. It is mainly caused by arthritis, accidents or strains, but can also be caused by various diseases or conditions.

The most common arthritis is not exclusive to the elderly and has started to affect younger patients. According to professionals, early treatments can significantly control and improve arthritis. But most people usually choose to ignore the symptoms until the pain has seriously affect their daily lives, which delays the optimal time for treatment.

Red Health sponsored a free course called “”How To Care For Joint Pains & Strains?””, which is hosted by the Hong Kong Health Care Federation (HKHCF). Registered 繁中 doctors and nutritionists will further explain arthritis’ causes, preventions, and precautions.

HKHCF has reserved 20 VIP seats for Red Health’s Prestige Club members. Participants can also receive a souvenir.

Interested members please contact us via SMS: +852 9886 8403 to sign up. Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.