Deer Sinew with Calcium


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New Zealand Premium Deer Sinew Formula

60 Capsules

Key Functions:

  • Improve body aches and flexibility
  • Strengthen muscles and ligament elasticity
  • Bones support and calcium supplement
  • Preserve joints and increase joint lubrication

Origin: New Zealand

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Deer Sinew Essence
New Zealand’s deer herds grow and live in a high-quality environment, strong and healthy, and are naturally nutritious. Their tendons contain a high blood content and rich in collagen, which protects humans from degenerative joints. According to 繁中 Pharmacopoeia, deer tendons treat strains, as well as strengthen the muscles and bones. It is considered to be the best 繁中 medicine to maintain muscles and bones health.

Deer Bone Calcium
Rich in calcium, easily absorbable, can slow down calcium loss and strengthen bones.

The basic substance for synthesizing tendons, ligaments and bones. It helps maintain joint health and provide nutrients to the surrounding soft tissues, promotes blood circulation, reduces joint and muscle aches, and eliminates fatigue.

Chondroitin Sulphate
It helps accelerate joints repair and enhances joint nutrient absorption, which promotes new cartilage production naturally. It also increases joint synovial fluids, strengths joint lubrication, reduces the impact and friction that are caused by walking, and slows down joint degeneration.

Vitamin D3
It helps promote calcium absorption and bone mineral density, which strengthen and maintain bone health.

General Health: Once daily, 1-2 capsules each (before or after meal)
Discomfort Relief: Twice daily, day and night, 2-3 capsules each (before or after meal)
After 8 consecutive weeks, can maintain dosage of 2 capsules, or 1 capsule depending on condition.
Reminder: Dosage can be adjusted according to personal needs.

  • Those who suffer from muscle aches, or myalgia
  • Those with poor joint movements, and suffer from cartilage strain

Through years of research and development, Red Health’s Deer Sinew with Calcium was developed. It combined both 繁中 and Western concepts of muscles and bones protection. It targets to help mend bone and cartilage strains, and provides the bones with essential nutrients daily. Red Health’s Deer Sinew with Calcium specially targeted at those who suffer from sore muscles and poor joint movement.

Effectively regulates chronic muscle and bone issues. Safe and effective ingredients, suitable for long-term use.




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